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The Free Music Analysis Anthology:

WHAT IS THE FREE MUSIC ANALYSIS ANTHOLOGY? The Free Music Analysis Anthology is an anthology of 133 scores proven useful for analysis, along with translations and, in some cases, links to recordings. The scores are useful for any level from high school through graduate study. The focus is on piano literature and art song, although a number of choral and instrumental ensemble scores are also included.

IS THIS ANTHOLOGY REALLY LEGAL? Yes, in the United States, Canada, and the European Union, the source scores are public domain, and I have documented that in detail below. I also believe these are public domain worldwide, as documented below, but I cannot assume legal responsibility. By downloading the anthology, you are assuming all legal responsibility. Please follow the legal guidelines of your country. As a creator, I believe in respecting copyright law 100%, and to my knowledge, ALL source editions (other than those I engraved) are public domain. For more details, see "0004: Anthology Sources" below.

PRINT VERSION of the entire anthology (hi-res images, 137 MB)
WEB VERSION of the entire anthology (medium-res images, 25.5 MB)

NOTE: The web version is for on-screen use; the print version has higher resolution but is a LARGE FILE (137 MB!!). The PDF has bookmarks for individual files; look for "bookmarks" or "table of contents" in your PDF viewer software. Individual PDFs are available below -- scroll down.


Print editions
Now available! A print edition with a nice spiral binding is now available for only the costs of binding and shipping (NO royalties added!):

NAXOS playlists
Now available! If your college subscribes to the Naxos Music service, you can import these playlist files (NOTE: I cannot provide ANY technical support for this! Read the NAXOS documentation. SMU users only: these playlists are available under the "Free Music Analysis Anthology" folder on the Playlists page of SMU's Naxos site.):

Creative Commons License

The Free Music Analysis Anthology by Mark Feezell at is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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