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The Free Sight Singing Anthology:

This free sight singing anthology is based on Dr. Whitham's excellent dissertation. See the dissertation for more explanation -- it's great!

Non-commercial use of these materials is fine, but see IMSLP, CPDL, and the individual PDFs for performance and derivative works guidelines.

Additional sight singing free PDFs:
1. Gilchrist, 330 exercises
2. Cowell, Eyes and Ears
3. Easy hymns (selected by Dr. Feezell, public domain) Also includes chants, Thomas Tallis, and Bach arrangements.
4. Wedge, Ear Training and Sight-Singing (Elementary Level)
5. Wedge, Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing
6. Concone, School of Sight Singing
7. Sumer is Icumen (traditional spring semester celebration)
In the list below, CHA=Chant (I couldn't find many, but the "Easy Hymns" PDF above has more chants), REN=Renaissance, BAR=Baroque, ROM=Romantic, and TWE=Twentieth-Century.

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