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Dr. Feezell's Free Sight Singing Anthology List:

The sight singing materials listed below are all completely free.

Non-commercial use of these materials is fine, but see IMSLP, CPDL, and the individual PDFs for performance and derivative works guidelines.

Sight Singing Anthologies and Singing Materials (Alpha by Author):
1. CONCONE, School of Sight Singing
2. COWELL, Eyes and Ears
3. Easy Hymns (selected by Dr. FEEZELL, public domain) Also includes chants, Thomas Tallis, and Bach arrangements.
4. Dr. FEEZELL's Free Rhythm Practice Book
5. Dr. FEEZELL's Free Musicianship Exercises
6. GILCHRIST, 330 Exercises for Sight-Singing Classes
7. Leo LEWIS's Melodia: A Comprehensive Course in Sight Singing
8. WEDGE, Ear Training and Sight-Singing (Elementary Level)
9. WEDGE, Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing
10. Dr. WHITHAM's Free Sight Singing from Real Choral Repertoire

BONUS! Sumer is Icumen (traditional spring semester celebration)

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