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The Free Rhythm Practice Book:

This Free Rhythm Practice Book by Mark Feezell moves systematically through the core rhythmic patterns of music.

Most patterns have various versions (with ties, rests, diferent time signatures).

The different versions match up so that half the class can perform a "simpler" version while the other half performs the "more difficult" version (For example 3s Pattern A plain, ties version, and rests version have the same composite rhythm and are the same in all time signatures.) If you struggle, back up and try an easier version of the same pattern. There are many free sources online that explain rhythmic values and time signatures (e.g.

You can use the patterns many ways:
1. Perform each line individually
2. Right hand/Left hand exercises using any 2 adjacent lines (1/2, 2/3, etc.). Since it can be hard to find your place when going to the second system, students might be assigned just first system or second system. Also, playing the two lines on two notes of the piano makes it easier to hear whether they are correct.
3. Ensemble practice, duets, trios, etc.

For tuplets (2 against 3 and 3 against 4), I have included composite rhythms for various patterns of ties. Learning these composite patterns is the key to precise performance! You can practice these 2:3 and 3:4 sections measure by measure (they are labeled a, b, c, etc.) or as a complete exercise.


Here is the entire book as one PDF, although it's easier to access individual sections below since the PDF doesn't have a built-in table of contents. You are free to use this book for your teaching and learning, but PLEASE do not sell the book or take credit for it.

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