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Music theory at Home » Theory 3 Course Materials

Review Day 1: Treble and Bass Clefs, Enharmonics

Review Day 1: Lessons

Review Day 2: M2/m2, Major Scales, Major Triads, Major Key Signatures

Review Day 2: Lessons

Review Day 3: M3/m3, Minor Triads, Natural Minor Scales, Minor Key Signatures

Review Day 3: Lessons

Review Day 4: Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Dim/Aug Triads, m7/M7/d7 spelling

Review Day 4: Lessons

Review Day 5: Root Position 7th Chords

Review Day 5: Lessons

Review Day 6: Chord Inversion Analysis, Roman Numerals, NCTs, Second inversion chords

Review Day 6: Lessons

Review Day 7: Canvas Review Test In-Class

Secondary Dominants and Secondary LTs / Tonicization

Secondary Chords: Lessons

Secondary Chords: Core Repertoire

Mode Mixture / Modal Borrowing / Change of Mode

Mode Mixture: Lessons

Mode Mixture: Core Repertoire


Modulation: Lessons

Modulation: Core Repertoire

Neapolitan Chords / bII

Neapolitans: Lessons

Neapolitans: Core Repertoire

Augmented 6th Chords: It+6, Fr+6, Ger+6

Augmented 6th Chords: Lessons

Augmented 6th Chords: Core Repertoire

Enharmonic Reinterpretation: V7<-->Ger+6 and o7<-->o7

Enharmonic Reinterpretation: Lessons

Enharmonic Reinterpretation: Core Repertoire

Common-tone Diminished 7th Chords (ct o7)

Common-tone Diminished 7th Chords (ct o7): Lessons

Common-tone Diminished 7th Chords (ct o7): Core Repertoire

Augmented Dominants (V+)

Augmented Dominants (V+): Lessons

Augmented Dominants (V+): Core Repertoire

Vsub6 Chords

Vsub6 Chords: Lessons

Vsub6 Chords: Core Repertoire

Chromatic Analysis Summary

Chromatic Analysis Summary: Lessons

Chromatic Analysis Summary: Core Repertoire

Introduction to Form

Introduction to Form: Lessons

Introduction to Form: Core Repertoire

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